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 "Green is Good"

the Musical 

Key Instructional Components: Language and literacy domains of listening, thinking, speaking.

Expression Components: Dancing, Singing and Acting as the framework for group presentation and cooperative learning.


     An on-site school Comedy for non-speaking to beginner level Spanish speakers ages 3-11 to fuel the desire for students to learn Spanish. Students will understand the importance of friendship & respect while we integrate entertainment, social topics such as environmental protection & using the earth's natural resources.



Hector the horse has returned to Hope Elementary School from a Summer trip in Ecuador. The class is faced with a school challenge: the Principal's idea is to Recycle which not only helps save the school but also the Earth!


Join Hector and his friends as they embark on a journey to turn their school "Green" while they learning easy Spanish words and environmental facts. 


                   Let's Recycle!   !Vamos a Reciclar!​


-An original 45 minute Bilingual Educational Musical Play-





Q: Will our school need to provide a sound system and staging?

A: No, OTC will provide all staging equipment needed. All we need is an open area at each school location to set up our equipment. (usually where the assemblies are held) The open space needed for our stage is at least 18ft length x 12ft depth. 


Q: Where does the performance take place?     

A: Performances will take place on each school campus. (where assemblies are held)

Q: Our school assembly area cannot hold our entire student body at one time. How will OTC perform for all of our students?

A: At no additional charge; OTC will perform two performances back to back for the student body split into two separate groups.

Q: My school has chosen the Single/Combo Package but we do not have the budget. Is my school able to offer the OTC Musical as an On-site field trip for parents to pay for student attendance? 

A: Yes, please contact us via telephone or email for more information on pricing.


OTC is a 501c3 Not for Profit Organization
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